Best Clash of Clans Builder Base Level 4 – 23 BH4 Base Layouts

Builder Hall 4 base

The shape of the base will lead the ground units right to the base center, where they will meet with crusher + giant bomb. The base is strong from the top & bottom. But the sides are vulnerable – the bombers can make a hole and the enemies will skip the crusher and go straight to the builder hall. You can try to strengthen both sides with extra traps…

Builder Hall 4 Base - 1

Clash of Clans builder base level 4

Pretty good base. Have 2 entrances with Push traps that send the enemies right under the crusher + spring traps. And the giant bomb at the central entrance will give warm welcome to the group of your enemies 😉

I see the weak side on the left – bombers can make a whole and lead the enemies straight to the builder hall. So I recommend to experiment and try to strengthen this side by moving the guard post there + a couple of bombs…

Builder Hall 4 Base - 2


Builder base 4 layout

It looks like the modified version of the #2 base. And this one is one of my favorite bh4 bases. It`s very well-balanced and has no weak points. I really like the usage of 2 push traps on the right – one push trap > another push trap > crusher. The base is also well guarded against the air forces too. Recommend to try this out!

Builder Hall 4 Base - 3


Best builder hall 4 base

Pretty similar base to the previous two bases but with unique modifications. I like that in this base in the top left corner the Builder hall is protected by 2 cannons. And the bottom of the base is very guarded as well.

I would experiment with the direction/placement of the push traps at the entrances because in this base it seems that they don`t use all the potential. The enemies will go to the crusher anyway… But anyway the base seems to be very solid, and definitely worth a try!

Builder Hall 4 Base - 4


BH4 base

Very well-balanced base. I see no weak sides in here… The push traps will invite your enemies close to the crusher. The archer’s towers with their range won`t let bombers to break the walls with ease (but still possible).

You can experiment with the push traps – you can try to place them near the spring traps and direct them outside the base so the giants/barbarians make a long walk to the base center.

Builder Hall 4 Base - 5


Builder base level 4

It looks like a pretty simple base but it`s not true. Because all of the defense units are focused in 1 area, it will give huge DPS to your enemies. The main vulnerability of this base is splash damage from bombers – be aware of this…

Builder Hall 4 Base - 6


Level 4 builder base

Maze – shaped base. It`s well defenced from all sides which makes it very uncomfortable for the enemies. I would also put some high – hp building near the crusher, to protect it from archers…

I would play with the push traps and change their location a little bit. For example move push trap from the very top closer to the crusher, right in front of it.

Builder Hall 4 Base - 7


Builder hall level 4 base

Pretty interesting base. It`s difficult to attack at the bottom because of no space where to drop off the units. And a lot of open space at the top invites the enemies right to the center of the base where they will get a huge portion of DPS from all the defense units. And notice the push traps – they will compliment your enemies will a loooong walk around the base walls…

I like this base, you should test this out!

Builder Hall 4 Base - 8


Best bh4 base

Another great bh4 design. It looks very solid from every side. But I would experiment with the very top push trap and try to locate it somewhere else…

Builder Hall 4 Base - 9


Builder base 4

This one is one of my favorite bh4 bases. Really difficult to chose the attack angle as the base is pretty asymmetrical. I like that right and left entrance are protected by the storages with high HP. And I can say the same about the top right corner of the base – good choice.

Builder Hall 4 Base - 10


Builder hall 4 base layout

Good solid base well-protected from all sides. What I would change is the direction of the push traps – they don`t make much sense when send the enemies right to the builder hall… And you also may try to change the guard post placement somewhere inside the walls…

Builder Hall 4 Base - 11


Clash of clans builder base level 4 layout

Very strong base from the bottom and on the sides. But has weak points at the top left corner, especially in front of the bombers. You may try to strengthen the top left side a little bit with extra traps or tesla/guard posts.

Builder Hall 4 Base - 12


BH 4 base

A strong base that is pretty similar to #5 base with some minor changes – good alternative to try.

Builder Hall 4 Base - 13


Builder base level 4 layout

Interesting rectangular shaped base. I would play with the directions of the push traps a little bit + try to strengthen the bottom left side with additional bombs + tesla – it would improve the balance of the base.

Builder Hall 4 Base - 14


Best builder base 4

The base looks like a castle that is really difficult to conquer. Looks very solid from every side and I really like it. I would experiment with the crusher placement here, to make it the most effective. Try to analyze the most popular side where the enemies drop off their units and put the crusher over there. Don`t forget to protect it with some additional buildings.

Builder Hall 4 Base - 15


Builder hall 4 layout

Interesting and not standard base. You can notice that the most dangerous defense units (crusher, double cannon, air bombs, and guard post) are located outside the walls. It`s a really interesting strategy and may confuse your opponents.

Builder Hall 4 Base - 17


Clash of clans builder hall 4 base

Pretty common but still effective base layout. I didn`t show the traps here to give you more freedom for testing out the best variant for each of you… Analyze the most popular areas where people drop off their units and stuff it with the traps…

Builder Hall 4 Base - 18


Clash of clans builder base 4

Great base! I like the openings inside the walls with traps – it`s pretty effective. The base is really difficult to destroy because of all these walls jungles. But it may be vulnerable to the bombers with their splash damage…

Builder Hall 4 Base - 19

Builders hall 4 base

This base looks like a fancy penthouse but it`s very effective as well 😉 The only weak point I see here is the top left wall – it doesn`t have any buildings in front of it and the bombers can put it down pretty quickly. And I think the top left corner will be the most popular side to attack for your enemies. So you can try to stuff it with tons of traps to make a surprise party for the guys 😉

Builder Hall 4 Base - 20

Builder hall 4 best base

Strong and well-balanced base. I like that even though the bottom side has only low – hp army camps for protection, it has crusher + double cannon there, so this side is a very good guarded! Recommend to test this out – it was effective for me!

Builder Hall 4 Base - 21


Best level 4 builder base

This base is very similar to the #1 layout and is a good alternative to test out…

Builder Hall 4 Base - 22


Coc bh4 base

Pretty good base. Very well defenced at the bottom and both sides but the top left corner is vulnerable. I would try to strengthen it a little bit with extra traps because I guess most of the attacks will be started from the top. Make some surprise for your opponents 😉

Builder Hall 4 Base - 23

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