Сlash of Сlans builder base level 6 layouts – 19+ best BH6 bases

Builder hall 6 base

Strong solid base! I like that both crushers are located in the base center and they are very well protected from the range units.

I would experiment with a couple of things here:
1) Try to swap the roaster with air bombs.
2) Move the storages inside the walls, instead of collectors, as storages have much more HP and will win additional time for you

Builder base level 6 layout - 1

Builder base 6 layout

Pretty interesting base design. It`s very well protected from the range forces with the double wall. I see a weak point in the top left side – there are no strong defense buildings over there (except the roaster) and with help of bombers the opponent will quickly enter your base center and will smash your builder hall + avoid the crushers. Be aware of this and try to strengthen that side with additional forces.

Builder base level 6 layout - 2

Clash of clans builder base level 6

Very interesting choice! I like the base because it`s really difficult to get to the roaster & mortar because they are in the very center. But I don`t like that there are no direct ways to the crushers. I would experiment a little bit and remove 1 wall brick from both walls in the base center right in front of 2 crushers, so to force your enemies to go right into the crusher…

Builder base level 6 layout - 3

BH6 base

One of my favorite bh6 designs. Very solid and good balanced. I didn`t show you the traps so you can test it on your own. I suggest putting the traps at the entrances and at the top, as this part is not as well guarded as the bottom.

Builder base level 6 layout - 4

Best builder hall 6 base

Interesting base. I like that all the 4 sides are well-balanced with double walls & buildings outside the walls so it`s difficult to reach the defense with range units. And of course, I enjoy 2 crushers in the center and the entrances in the walls right in front of them 😉 I don` t see obvious weak points here and recommend you to test this base!

Builder base level 6 layout - 5

Builder hall 6

I really like the usage of push traps in this base – right in front of crushers! And it has a pretty interesting and effective shape.

Regarding weak points – I don`t like that the buildings are very close to each other and they are vulnerable to splash damage, for example, bombers.

Builder base level 6 layout - 6

Builder base 6

The base is strong at the top but has weaknesses at the bottom – it`s easy to break the walls with bombers and destroy the builder hall + avoid the crushers. Be aware of that and try to strengthen your bottom side.

Builder base level 6 layout - 7

Best builder base 6

Very effective and solid base. Really smart location of each defense buildings. I see the week point from the top because you can reach the builder hall with ease + avoid the crushers on the sides. So try to strengthen it a tittle bit…

Builder base level 6 layout - 8

Builder hall 6 base layout

Very tricky base – the enemies will end up facing the crusher no matter how they attack… This base is really well balanced and I don`t see many things for improvements. I think the left and right sides are weaker than the top and bottom and most of the opponents will attack from the sides. So try to move most of your traps over there…

Builder base level 6 layout - 9

Builder base level 6

Another interesting base. The defense buildings are located very tight to each other so the base is pretty vulnerable to splash damage.
On the one hand – there is a weak side from the top because the BH is close + there are no strong defensive buildings here. But on the other hand – while your opponents will be smashing your Builder hall – they will receive tons of damage from the bottom defense… This base is very solid and I highly recommend to try!

Builder base level 6 layout - 10

Clash of clans builder base 6

This base has a very interesting shape – it goes as the maze and will give your enemies a long walk to the builder hall right through the crushers 😉 I didn`t show the traps here, but suggest to put the spring&push traps at the entrances of the base. Analyze the most common side where opponents drop off their units and put some bombs over there.

Builder base level 6 layout - 11

Best bh6 base

A pretty good base with an interesting design. I would experiment and move firecrackers to the bottom side. That`s all because this base is pretty vulnerable to the air units from the bottom. Or as an alternative – move the air traps to the very bottom to improve the base balance.

Builder base level 6 layout - 12

Builder hall 6 layout

I really like this base and I will explain why. You can see that the right & left sides are very well protected because of the double walls and a bunch of extra buildings there. And we have weak points at the top & bottom. But after we placed crushers + double cannons on the sides – we smoothed this weak point and made it pretty good defended as well + the roaster will send your enemies a warm welcome present 😉

Builder base level 6 layout - 13

CoC bh6 base

Pretty scattered base. I like the fact that the opponents can`t drop off the unites from the top right and left sides and they are forced to drop off the enemies only from the bottom. It gives you a lot of advantages as you may concentrate your traps and main defense structured over there.

Builder base level 6 layout - 14

Builder hall level 6

Pretty similar tactic to the previous base with the base placement… And also I like the moment with the double wall at the top for additional protection from the range opponents. Also, notice the direction of the push traps – they send the opponents right to the crushers.

Builder base level 6 layout - 15

Level 6 builder base

Very strong base. The defense at the top is protected by the high-hp storages. The bottom is protected by the double wall. And the right and left sides are well protected by the crushers. Great base, recommend to test!

Builder base level 6 layout - 16

Builder base level 6 layout

I like this base design! The top side is strengthened by the additional walls between the buildings. And the bottom is open and “invite” the opponents to attack exactly from that side. But the bottom is the deadliest side of this base and will smash your enemies with ease!

Builder base level 6 layout - 17

Builder hall level 6 base

Wide and scattered base…I would experiment a little bit with the firecrackers’ location and swap them with the archers’ towers next to them in order to protect them better from the air forces…

Builder base level 6 layout - 18

BH6 layout

Very interesting and strong base. I would never attack it from the bottom as this is auto loss 😉 But the top side is very well defended as well and it will definitely make a lot of problems for all the opponents… In order to experiment I would play with the mortar & roaster location and will move them a little bit closer to the base center…

Builder base level 6 layout - 19

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