Best Clash of Clans builder hall 7 base Layout – 17 BH7 bases

Builder hall 7 base

I like double and even triple walls in this base layout – they will lead your enemies troops to the sides (but only if the bombers don`t destroy these walls). I see the weak side at the very bottom so make sure to strengthen that side with some additional traps.

Builder base 7 layout - 1

Builder hall 7

Very solid and powerful base. I really like the smart usage of traps here. The base is located at the top right corner of the map, so the enemies will be forced to drop off the army from the bottom side – be aware of that and strengthen the bottom! Also, I would experiment with the location of the crushers – they are pretty close to the sides and are vulnerable there…

Builder base 7 layout - 2

Builder base 7 layout

Very interesting layout. It`s very uncommon to see the crushers so close to each other. The crusher at the very top is pretty vulnerable to the range units so I would put some storage in front of it or add additional traps… I would attack this base from the bottom to avoid the crushers and destroy the builder hall fast…

Builder base 7 layout - 3

Best builder hall 7 base

I really love this base because it`s a very smart built. The enemies won`t attack from the bottom because of the map limitation. I wouldn`t attack from the top as there is an additional wall + buildings line. So everything in this base stimulates you to attack from the right/left side but there you will meet fat-hp storages with traps and crushers. Very nice base, recommend to test!

Builder base 7 layout - 4

Clash of Clans builder base level 7

Another great base! I really like how the Builder hall is well guarded here – it`s really difficult to get to it! And I like the guard post location – it will ensnare the enemies right to the crusher!

Builder base 7 layout - 5

BH7 base

Another strong base. It`s very similar to the previous base but has pretty interesting changes. It`s a great alternative to test!

Builder base 7 layout - 6

Builder hall 7 base layout

Great base to test. It may seem that the builder hall is vulnerable here because it`s pretty close to the top side but it`s not true. The enemies will have to go all the way down to the crushers and roaster and bombs to get to the builder hall and it`s not as easy as it may seem 😉 (it is only true if the bombers don`t destroy the wall near the builder hall).

Builder base 7 layout - 7

Builder hall 7 layout

Builder base 7 layout - 8

Builder base 7

Great base layout! It`s well defended with a triple wall on the top and has 2 openings with a bunch of traps at the bottom. Well balanced base, recommend to test!

Builder base 7 layout - 9


Best bh7 base

Very creative layout. This base is pretty solid and strong from almost all the sides except the very bottom right side because there are only 3 army camps inside the walls. I see this as a week point and will experiment to strengthen this side or use it as a bait and put a bunch of traps over there…

Builder base 7 layout - 10


This base has a great shape that will force your enemies to make a long walk along the base while the towers will greatly lower their HP. I would use some bombers if I attack such base… Also, I like that the entrances in the base lead straight to the crushers.

Builder base 7 layout - 11

Builder hall 7 layouts

I like that the sides are protected with additional buildings and walls layers on each side. I think the weakest side is at the bottom because it`s the easiest way to get to the builder hall and avoid the crushers. Be aware of this and try to experiment with it 😉

Builder base 7 layout - 12

BH 7 base

Great layout! It`s very strong on the top and right/left sides because of additional walls and buildings over there. It stimulates your enemy to attack from the bottom + the bottom side walls are open. But at the bottom, your enemies will face a bunch of traps and 2 crushers which is a deadly combination =)

Builder base 7 layout - 13

coc bh7 base

This base has a very strong bottom right side and I am sure no one will attack it. Left/Right sides are also pretty solid because of the crushers so the weakest point here is the very top side. You can try to move some additional traps there to fix the balance.

Builder base 7 layout - 14


Clash of clans builder hall 7

Builder base 7 layout - 15

Builder hall 7 best base

This base looks like a real maze – a very interesting layout. The openings in the walls will give your opponents a long walk and lead them to the crushers. I don`t see obvious weak point here and highly recommend to test this base!

Builder base 7 layout - 16

Best builder base 7

I like that the deadliest defense buildings are hidden in the very center behind the walls and additional buildings and are pretty difficult to destroy.

Builder base 7 layout - 17

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